Thursday, 26 December 2013

Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends cream- product review

I'm ridiculously prone to split ends so thought I'd give the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream a try. Having tried a similar product made by Loreal, I was a little skeptical as although the Loreal product worked slightly, it did not get rid of all my split ends. 

At about £4.79 per 150ml bottle, the Herbal Essences product is quite pricey but does last a long time thanks to its pump, meaning you do not use too much at a time, thus wasting the cream. The packaging is a fairly bright red which make it appealing but not too in your face and the small size and cap over the pump means it would fit nicely in a wash-bag without exploding everywhere. 

The texture of the white cream is similar to conditioner and is quite silky in your hand. As with all Herbal Essences products, the smell of the cream is lovely, giving off a refreshing hint of raspberry without being overpowering. 

As suggested on the back of the packaging, I use the leave-in cream after I've come out of the shower and begun to towel dry my hair. Applying the cream after having a shower means you don't have to wash your hair again and the cream can absorb in naturally. I tend to use about two pumps of the cream as my hair is quite long and thick, rubbing it onto the ends of my hair with my fingers. I did not put any cream on near the roots or further up my hair as anything other than shampoo and conditioner tends to make my hair greasy. 

After using the product for about two weeks, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of split ends, proving the product really works! After a month, I struggle to find any split ends at all with 98% of my hair being split end free!

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody battling with split ends and will most certainly use this product again! 

Overall I give this product 9/10, dropping one point because of the price tag. 

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