Saturday, 29 June 2013

Outfit of today

Today I paired a denim shirt ('borrowed' from my mum's wardrobe!) with some burgundy red Aztec print leggings. I wore brogues to make the outfit more stylish as opposed to a pair of trainers. 
I would also wear a gold/bronze necklace to make the outfit more glitzy and fun!

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Excuse my fashion magazines on the floor! 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Festival Fever!

'Tis the season for festivals and summer's in the air! Festival features in magazines are popping up all over the place, showcasing the funkiest wellies and some crazy styles. 
Festivals are home to all waves of fashion across the globe, from red Indian headdresses to cowboy style fringing (okay I know they're from the same country but you get my gist right?!). 

I personally have only had the opportunity to go to one major festival: T4 on the beach, where I saw the fantastic Hoosiers and the ...umm... interesting, leg breaking Jedward. Since then I have only been able to watch the long footage of Glastonbury on TV and online as well as drooling over some of the headliners at numerous festivals. 

Some of my favourite festival pieces from the high street this year are the forever trending denim and the love of Aztec prints (of which I have several items in!)

One of my favourite Aztec print tees from the world of the online retailers is from 
This colourful, bold print is perfect combined with denim shorts and will last through the colder months paired with jeans and some pumps. 

Dungarees are also a mahoosive favourite item of mine. Here is a pic of me in my dungarees from New Look (I'm a size 6-8 so luckily I fit in the kid's section, meaning I got them for almost half the price of the adults ones!). I have paired these dungarees with a long sleeve tee from Primark with cut away shoulders. 

I want to know if you've been rocking out at any festivals and what you've been wearing, so feel free to comment below, I will almost always reply! 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Royal Cornwall Show

Although living in Cornwall may seem like you're distancing yourself from the rest of the world, it is great for when the weather is (sometimes) sunny or if you're interested in all things Cornish!
Last week I visited one of Cornwall's biggest agricultural events; The Royal Cornwall Show, which features hundreds of different stalls and events from stunt horse riding by 'The Stampede Stunt Company' to the Joules clothing stand (where I drooled at the clothes and sighed at the prices!). I also had a great and very yummy vegetarian homemade burger and a fantastically English Cream Tea!

I took a few pictures on my phone, featuring some highlights of the show.

A montage of the outfit I wore, a spitfire, sheep made from plants, the Joules stand, some birds of prey and some flowers from the Flower Tent.


Titan the very scary robot!
So, if you're ever in Cornwall during July, I would highly recommend going to the Royal Cornwall, even if you just go for the Cream Tea! 

Friday, 7 June 2013

'Charlie' and 'So...?' Body Spray Product Review

Everyday I tend to wear a scent, be it perfume or body spray. Today I am reviewing 5 body sprays that I own. 
Usually associated with younger girls, Charlie and So...? are cute, well packaged body sprays that help to freshen up you and your clothes for a fairly low price (and they're almost always on sale!). 

So...? Sinful is one of my favourites from the bunch, featuring a sweet smell that was fairly strong but didn't leave you smelling like a sweetshop! The scent lasted almost all day and I even got complimented by my mum for how nice I smelt! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Enchant has a gorgeous pale blue packaging design, promising 'a captivating blend of wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut', which was certainly delivered when sprayed, providing me with a hint towards summer! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Pink had quite a sweet, fruity smell which although was not overpowering, the smell is certainly for younger individuals. Score: 2/5

Charlie Red was another of my favourites which included a fairly spicy scent. Unfortunately, the scent did not tend to last very long but certainly gets a score of 3/5

The last Charlie I tested (there are lots more available in the shops!) was Charlie Touch. This spray had a very pleasant smell with the 'indulgent vanilla musk' certainly coming through. When sprayed, the smell filled quite a lot of my room, meaning not only did my clothes smell nice, my bedroom did too! Score: 5/5

Overall, I would highly recommend these products to my friends as not only do they help to liven up your clothes, each bottle is compact enough to fit in your bag!