Friday, 7 June 2013

'Charlie' and 'So...?' Body Spray Product Review

Everyday I tend to wear a scent, be it perfume or body spray. Today I am reviewing 5 body sprays that I own. 
Usually associated with younger girls, Charlie and So...? are cute, well packaged body sprays that help to freshen up you and your clothes for a fairly low price (and they're almost always on sale!). 

So...? Sinful is one of my favourites from the bunch, featuring a sweet smell that was fairly strong but didn't leave you smelling like a sweetshop! The scent lasted almost all day and I even got complimented by my mum for how nice I smelt! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Enchant has a gorgeous pale blue packaging design, promising 'a captivating blend of wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut', which was certainly delivered when sprayed, providing me with a hint towards summer! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Pink had quite a sweet, fruity smell which although was not overpowering, the smell is certainly for younger individuals. Score: 2/5

Charlie Red was another of my favourites which included a fairly spicy scent. Unfortunately, the scent did not tend to last very long but certainly gets a score of 3/5

The last Charlie I tested (there are lots more available in the shops!) was Charlie Touch. This spray had a very pleasant smell with the 'indulgent vanilla musk' certainly coming through. When sprayed, the smell filled quite a lot of my room, meaning not only did my clothes smell nice, my bedroom did too! Score: 5/5

Overall, I would highly recommend these products to my friends as not only do they help to liven up your clothes, each bottle is compact enough to fit in your bag! 

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