Monday, 30 December 2013

Three ways to wear a Christmas jumper

People tend to have a marmite relationship with Christmassy jumpers, you either love them or you hate them! I personally, LOVE christmas jumpers and have started to build quite a collection. 
Above is my new Christmas jumper from Fat Face, which is festive but not over the top. 

In picture 1 is the outfit I wore on Christmas Day (I'll post it soon!), featuring a simple skirt from H&M, spotty knitted tights from Fat Face, brown Chelsea boots from New Look and my new favourite hat, also from Fat Face (I must admit I'm going through a bit of a Fat Face phase!). I really like this look as its quite feminine but also warm and cosy!

Picture 2 is a more casual look, with a white shirt (TU), acid wash skinny jeans (H&M) and once again my chelsea boots, this time with a pair of angora long socks (Marks and Spencer) that will peep over my boots. 

In the final picture I chose my new favourite leather jacket with wooly collar from Topshop and a pair of black leggins for a warm but comfortable look. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends cream- product review

I'm ridiculously prone to split ends so thought I'd give the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream a try. Having tried a similar product made by Loreal, I was a little skeptical as although the Loreal product worked slightly, it did not get rid of all my split ends. 

At about £4.79 per 150ml bottle, the Herbal Essences product is quite pricey but does last a long time thanks to its pump, meaning you do not use too much at a time, thus wasting the cream. The packaging is a fairly bright red which make it appealing but not too in your face and the small size and cap over the pump means it would fit nicely in a wash-bag without exploding everywhere. 

The texture of the white cream is similar to conditioner and is quite silky in your hand. As with all Herbal Essences products, the smell of the cream is lovely, giving off a refreshing hint of raspberry without being overpowering. 

As suggested on the back of the packaging, I use the leave-in cream after I've come out of the shower and begun to towel dry my hair. Applying the cream after having a shower means you don't have to wash your hair again and the cream can absorb in naturally. I tend to use about two pumps of the cream as my hair is quite long and thick, rubbing it onto the ends of my hair with my fingers. I did not put any cream on near the roots or further up my hair as anything other than shampoo and conditioner tends to make my hair greasy. 

After using the product for about two weeks, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of split ends, proving the product really works! After a month, I struggle to find any split ends at all with 98% of my hair being split end free!

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody battling with split ends and will most certainly use this product again! 

Overall I give this product 9/10, dropping one point because of the price tag. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Totally Topshop

After long days of college and evenings of coursework, I love to use the little space between coursework and crashing into bed, to browse and surf the web, spending the majority of the time on online shopping. 
Recently, I have been lusting after a few bits and bobs in Topshop, but having no money at the moment due to going to London for a couple of days, I can wish but can't buy! 
First up on the wishlist are the Blackwatch Check Leggings  which I discovered on Stylish Behaviour's blog, currently selling for £25. 
My second top pick is the Wool Biker Jacket, which my lovely friend Maisie was sporting at college (she has great style!). When seeing it, I got very jealous and still lust after it whenever she's wearing it! I'm not 100% sure if this one is exactly the same as Maisie's but it's just as gorgeous!
Now if you read my blog, you'll know I have a slight craze and love for shoes, especially when they come under the category 'boy meets girl' (was I destined to be the opposite gender?!). Anyway, when I saw this next pair of boots my heart leaped and then sunk after reading their hefty price tag. However, I've posted a picture of the Traditional Brogue Boots by Loake anyway to show my appreciation and so that you can also drool at them in your heart's desire! 
And finally, another pair of boots in the same colour as the beauties above. The Affanita Mid Heel Chelsea boots are an autumn staple, keeping you feet warm and super stylish. At a reasonable price of £62, I will definitely keep my eyes on these as well as drop many hints for Christmas! 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

My New Autumn Shoes!

My YouTube channel

Okay, so I set up a youtube channel a while ago but hadnt really posted much on it but finally I have found some spare time to do so! (the joys of easy upload via iPad!) 

If youve got a minute, please feel free to watch any of my videos about me rambling on about recent buys and fashion bits and bobs I like (basically, my blog in video form!) 

The video below is of my latest shoe purchase with me expressing just how much I love them!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Brilliant Burgundy

I'm not usually one for girly shoes, but when I saw these double strapped ballet pumps, I knew I had to have them! There I was, trying not to spend all my wages (unsuccessfully of course) when they popped up from the corner of my eye! 

Although the colour is more autumnal, these shoes will be great for all seasons (unless it snows...). My choice of clothing to pair with these feminine shoes would be with a pair of skinny jeans, and blazer for colder days or a skirt and t-shirt for the summer. 

Double Banded Ballerina Pumps- New Look 2013

Outfit Of The Day #3

The weather today was absolutely freezing (well it is England), so jeans were my first point of call. I'm not really one for a hoodie and jeans so I try to dress for both warmth and style. 

For this outfit I teamed my black studded Boohoo boots with my studded leather jacket to go with the 'rebel' trend this season, but also they're my favourite things at the moment so am always happy to wear them! While searching through my wardrobe I also trudged out my old purple jeans which add a bit of vibrant colour to my look. Finally, my shirt and collar chain (both from Primark) keep the look quite sophisticated whilst the chain adds that extra bit of bling.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Weekend Wishlist

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while; A-Levels are ridiculously time consuming! 
This post is simply a little wish list of clothes that have been catching my eye recently on various online retail websites which I love but cannot necessarily afford (sigh). 

Piece 1 is a brilliant Burgundy Tailored Blazer from Topshop. I love blazers; the way they fit in at the waist and can smarten up any pair of jeans, creating the ultimate 'boy meets girl' look. 

2 and 3 are both from one of my favourite brands: Jack Wills, a fairly high end store with quality tailored looks and logo printed t-shirts. These two wool blazers are something I can only dream of purchasing (due to a hefty price tag!) but are definitely a staple in any heritage lovers wardrobe. Both blazers are made in collaboration with British cloth manufacturer, Moon, meaning by purchasing the jacket you're also helping the British clothing industry (a valid reason for making yourself feel better after buying it?). 

High street and online retailer Urban Outfitters provide the masses with quirky alternative clothes in great designs. The 'Staring at Stars Lace Back Playsuit' (4) would be great to wear as casual daywear but could also be styled into the night with a leather jacket and boots with a wedged heel. Urban Outfitters describe it as 'folksy-inspired...featuring a...bold print' with colours making it perfect for autumn/winter. 

Finally, nĂºmero 5 is just a simple striped top that I have wanted for a while now as they go with a variety of things and are suitable for every season. This particular one is from River Island. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Country Classic

Autumn is here meaning heritage wear is back! I am ever so slightly obsessed with the classic style, featuring tweed, knitted jumpers and boots. The added bonus of heritage wear is warmth, covering yourself up with layer upon layer from the quilted gilet to the original Barbour jacket (if I could afford one!). 

For my outfit I teamed a white shirt and dark green gilet with denim shorts to create a more casual look. My scarf, from Primark, added a zing of colour to my clothes and the horse print featured on it meant it added to the persona of 'I'm off to ride my new pony' (something I can only dream of). Finally, my shoes. Featuring a bronze buckle to the side with a fairly masculine shape, these shoes are a great copy of Russell and Bromley's  'Grosvenor Double Monk Flatshoes' which I have been drooling over but reeling away from the price. Once again Primark is my friend meaning I got these gorgeous little shoes for a lovely little price. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Clever Clinique

I get lots of problems with spots, and breakouts are my common enemy. I've tried countless different treatments from scrubs, gels and liquids, which helped a little but then the spots just kept recurring. 
However, this all changed when I discovered Clinique. My mum used it when she was my age and now I'm using it! They have a huge range of lotions and potions all around the mid-expensive price range, but they are certainly worth it! The system I use is their four step system which includes a facial foam wash, a liquid similar to a toner, moisturiser (which doesn't make you face oily)and spot treatment gel. 

I myself have sensitive skin but none of these steps irritated my face and you only need a little of each so it lasts for ages. 

As well as the four steps, I also use Clinique's concealer which helps to dry up your spots so is kind of like a fifth step. It comes in a range of neutral colours which is great for me as I have fairly pale skin. It is quite thick and does not work very well for circles under the eyes but is fantastic at covering blemishes!

Overall I highly recommend Clinique for anyone with spot problems as it will make your life so much easier, hassle free and clearer skin means more confidence. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

New YouTube channel and amazing socks!

This is just a quick post to tell you all about my new fashion YouTube Vlog account which for some annoying reason is boringly called: Lottie Jones ...

Anyway, on this channel I will be talking about my new purchases, videos of outfits and general chatter about all things fashion based :) here's the link:

The second thing this post is wittering on about is my amazing new socks that feature autumn winter colours and incredibly cute animals! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Shopping Hauls

This summer I got a job, meaning I bought clothes, shoes and then more clothes again...
Okay, I admit it, I'm a shopaholic, but then who isn't if they have money to spend and a love of fashion! 

Today I simply wanted to share with you a few of my summer purchases which luckily came together to create a rather nice outfit! 

Favourite perfume at the mo!

Hat from Croatia, top= Primark, skirt= H&M, Collar= Dorothy Perkins, loafers= Primark, stripey top= Primark

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Outfit of today #2

Today I felt like blogging but had no idea what to post so I though 'hey I like what I'm wearing' and so thought I'd share it with you! 

For this outfit I paired a blazer, shirt and denim jean shorts to create a smart casual look. The colours I have chosen also give a summery feel to my look without being too formal. I also added my bronze/gold elephant necklace from Accessorise to add a bit of bling!  

Sorry about my major posing in this photograph, however I think the background and filter I used in Instagram helps to give the overall photograph a calm sophisticated look. 

Please comment on your thoughts about my look and what you yourself are wearing this summer! 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Healthier start from a healthier breakfast

As we all know 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. Many people skip breakfast but I personally start to feel quite unwell without it and don't feel I can make it through to lunchtime! 
Although I'm quite into being fit and healthy, I am not one to put off a slice of cake every so often or just eat fruit everyday for breakfast. 

This morning I indulged in some soda bread toast (which is yeast free, so reduces bloating), providing energetic carbohydrates and just tasting damn tasty! However, this toast had a beneficial twist provided by my new favourite Manuka Honey and the unusual Almond butter (similar to peanut butter). 

Lots of supermarkets and health food stores provide alternatives to the average spreads, usually filled with large quantities of sugar. However, the two spreads I had this morning both contain healthy aids for your body. 

Almond Butter has a large amount of benefits. 
It can help  lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals, provide good brain function and can reduce heart attack risk. The phosphorus in almonds also help to build stronger bones and teeth. 

Manuka Honey can be bad for you in large quantities because of the sugar it contains but nevertheless it can help reduce bloating and it's antiviral properties can also help when you detect the first signs of a cold. 

So take it from me, breakfast can be both health beneficial and delicious without tasting bland and boring! 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion

It feels like summer has only just begun but already the autumn/winter collections have sprung their way onto the catwalks and into the August issues of the fashion magazines. I ask myself whether its too early to embrace autumn weather gear when the sun has only just started to shine in Great Britain, but I suppose it's better to be safe (and early) than sorry when it comes to fashion. 

This season I really like quite a lot of the trends. However, because there is so much fabric to choose from, I have decided to pick three highlights from the autumn/winter 2013 catwalk shows. 

First up, (drumroll please) is my favourite style this season: the tailor made suit style. 
Some may find this style too businessy (is that a real word?) and corporate, but I say, "release the bow ties in all their Doctor Who glory!" (You now know my secret obsession!)
This look features shirts buttoned up to the neck and long line blazers with classic pinstripes which can also be intertwined with the checked style, also from this season's catwalk, by countrifying it up with a tweed blazer. 

This picture of a piece from Moschino's A/W 13 collection combines the tailored trend (alongside a bow tie!) with the more anarchistic punky tartan style also featured on this season's catwalk. 

As mentioned above, the punk season has been released back into the wild world of fashion, giving new punk bands a chance to become more popular and discoverable in society. The catwalk was taken over by chained boots from Chanel, graphic tees at Versace and lots of shiny black leather. 
A particular favourite piece of mine from the catwalk this season in the punk style was by Aquilano Rimondi, who created an Alice in Wonderland style dress, featuring embellished suits (I.e. hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds) from a pack of cards on the shoulders. 

And finally, the last pieces I would like to share with you are the boots from Kurt Geiger, which not only look amazing, but are wearable and practicle for the Autumn/Winter season too! 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Outfit of today

Today I paired a denim shirt ('borrowed' from my mum's wardrobe!) with some burgundy red Aztec print leggings. I wore brogues to make the outfit more stylish as opposed to a pair of trainers. 
I would also wear a gold/bronze necklace to make the outfit more glitzy and fun!

Check it out on my Instagram: @lottiesfashionlove

Excuse my fashion magazines on the floor! 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Festival Fever!

'Tis the season for festivals and summer's in the air! Festival features in magazines are popping up all over the place, showcasing the funkiest wellies and some crazy styles. 
Festivals are home to all waves of fashion across the globe, from red Indian headdresses to cowboy style fringing (okay I know they're from the same country but you get my gist right?!). 

I personally have only had the opportunity to go to one major festival: T4 on the beach, where I saw the fantastic Hoosiers and the ...umm... interesting, leg breaking Jedward. Since then I have only been able to watch the long footage of Glastonbury on TV and online as well as drooling over some of the headliners at numerous festivals. 

Some of my favourite festival pieces from the high street this year are the forever trending denim and the love of Aztec prints (of which I have several items in!)

One of my favourite Aztec print tees from the world of the online retailers is from 
This colourful, bold print is perfect combined with denim shorts and will last through the colder months paired with jeans and some pumps. 

Dungarees are also a mahoosive favourite item of mine. Here is a pic of me in my dungarees from New Look (I'm a size 6-8 so luckily I fit in the kid's section, meaning I got them for almost half the price of the adults ones!). I have paired these dungarees with a long sleeve tee from Primark with cut away shoulders. 

I want to know if you've been rocking out at any festivals and what you've been wearing, so feel free to comment below, I will almost always reply! 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Royal Cornwall Show

Although living in Cornwall may seem like you're distancing yourself from the rest of the world, it is great for when the weather is (sometimes) sunny or if you're interested in all things Cornish!
Last week I visited one of Cornwall's biggest agricultural events; The Royal Cornwall Show, which features hundreds of different stalls and events from stunt horse riding by 'The Stampede Stunt Company' to the Joules clothing stand (where I drooled at the clothes and sighed at the prices!). I also had a great and very yummy vegetarian homemade burger and a fantastically English Cream Tea!

I took a few pictures on my phone, featuring some highlights of the show.

A montage of the outfit I wore, a spitfire, sheep made from plants, the Joules stand, some birds of prey and some flowers from the Flower Tent.


Titan the very scary robot!
So, if you're ever in Cornwall during July, I would highly recommend going to the Royal Cornwall, even if you just go for the Cream Tea! 

Friday, 7 June 2013

'Charlie' and 'So...?' Body Spray Product Review

Everyday I tend to wear a scent, be it perfume or body spray. Today I am reviewing 5 body sprays that I own. 
Usually associated with younger girls, Charlie and So...? are cute, well packaged body sprays that help to freshen up you and your clothes for a fairly low price (and they're almost always on sale!). 

So...? Sinful is one of my favourites from the bunch, featuring a sweet smell that was fairly strong but didn't leave you smelling like a sweetshop! The scent lasted almost all day and I even got complimented by my mum for how nice I smelt! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Enchant has a gorgeous pale blue packaging design, promising 'a captivating blend of wild apple, honeysuckle and coconut', which was certainly delivered when sprayed, providing me with a hint towards summer! Score: 4.5/5

Charlie Pink had quite a sweet, fruity smell which although was not overpowering, the smell is certainly for younger individuals. Score: 2/5

Charlie Red was another of my favourites which included a fairly spicy scent. Unfortunately, the scent did not tend to last very long but certainly gets a score of 3/5

The last Charlie I tested (there are lots more available in the shops!) was Charlie Touch. This spray had a very pleasant smell with the 'indulgent vanilla musk' certainly coming through. When sprayed, the smell filled quite a lot of my room, meaning not only did my clothes smell nice, my bedroom did too! Score: 5/5

Overall, I would highly recommend these products to my friends as not only do they help to liven up your clothes, each bottle is compact enough to fit in your bag! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer Fashion

Summer is here (finally!) which means out come the shorts and bikinis and in go the wooly snoods! Fashion magazines are bursting with summer styles, from denim dungarees to metallic skater skirts, there is bound to be something for everyone this season. 

Some of my favourite items include pretty lacy dresses (Jack Wills have a gorgeous one in their catalog this summer), combined with tough ankle boots and a denim jacket to give the outfit a more rugged look. Another of my favourite styles is the floral china teapot look with dainty blue detailing on white collared shirts. A particular favourite item of mine from this trend being an embroidered dress from Miss Selfridge (£85). 

The sports luxe look is still popular this season featuring a 7 page 'mish mash' of the style with graphic prints in the June 2013 edition of Miss Vogue and bloggers such as Susie Bubble rocking some Nike trainers. 

Despite all the new trends for the summer season, my favourite thing had to be the fact that even if you're not feeling particularly fashionable, you can still look and be cool wearing high waisted shorts, a t-shirt, converse or vans and some Raybans (be they real or fake Primark ones for a £1!). 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Instagram Inspiration

Instagram is great for the world of fashion, with high-street shops to high cost brands uploading their inspirational snaps and gorgeous new looks. There are many hopeful bloggers on Instagram taking as many photos as possible to gain insta-stardom popping on as many hash tags as physically possible. I have also joined the world of photoblogging, capturing some of my favourite and new clothing items, from earcuffs to patterned leggings. 

I would be ever so grateful if you'd have a look and follow me if you think I'm worthy! 


Thanks for taking your time to read this blog!
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