Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer Fashion

Summer is here (finally!) which means out come the shorts and bikinis and in go the wooly snoods! Fashion magazines are bursting with summer styles, from denim dungarees to metallic skater skirts, there is bound to be something for everyone this season. 

Some of my favourite items include pretty lacy dresses (Jack Wills have a gorgeous one in their catalog this summer), combined with tough ankle boots and a denim jacket to give the outfit a more rugged look. Another of my favourite styles is the floral china teapot look with dainty blue detailing on white collared shirts. A particular favourite item of mine from this trend being an embroidered dress from Miss Selfridge (£85). 

The sports luxe look is still popular this season featuring a 7 page 'mish mash' of the style with graphic prints in the June 2013 edition of Miss Vogue and bloggers such as Susie Bubble rocking some Nike trainers. 

Despite all the new trends for the summer season, my favourite thing had to be the fact that even if you're not feeling particularly fashionable, you can still look and be cool wearing high waisted shorts, a t-shirt, converse or vans and some Raybans (be they real or fake Primark ones for a £1!). 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Instagram Inspiration

Instagram is great for the world of fashion, with high-street shops to high cost brands uploading their inspirational snaps and gorgeous new looks. There are many hopeful bloggers on Instagram taking as many photos as possible to gain insta-stardom popping on as many hash tags as physically possible. I have also joined the world of photoblogging, capturing some of my favourite and new clothing items, from earcuffs to patterned leggings. 

I would be ever so grateful if you'd have a look and follow me if you think I'm worthy! 


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