Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Clever Clinique

I get lots of problems with spots, and breakouts are my common enemy. I've tried countless different treatments from scrubs, gels and liquids, which helped a little but then the spots just kept recurring. 
However, this all changed when I discovered Clinique. My mum used it when she was my age and now I'm using it! They have a huge range of lotions and potions all around the mid-expensive price range, but they are certainly worth it! The system I use is their four step system which includes a facial foam wash, a liquid similar to a toner, moisturiser (which doesn't make you face oily)and spot treatment gel. 

I myself have sensitive skin but none of these steps irritated my face and you only need a little of each so it lasts for ages. 

As well as the four steps, I also use Clinique's concealer which helps to dry up your spots so is kind of like a fifth step. It comes in a range of neutral colours which is great for me as I have fairly pale skin. It is quite thick and does not work very well for circles under the eyes but is fantastic at covering blemishes!

Overall I highly recommend Clinique for anyone with spot problems as it will make your life so much easier, hassle free and clearer skin means more confidence. 

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