Thursday, 20 February 2014

Roll Top x Pork Pie Hat

This post is purely to show off my lovely new hat... which I am struggling to find the accurate name of, so I've called it a roll top, pork pie hat combo! I bought this beauty for around £8 from H&M and would never stop wearing it if it weren't for the torrential rain almost everyday! (Raincoat has been my staple...) Anyway, here are a few pics of my hat styled with an outfit I wore to college (if I look a bit 'puffy' is due to wearing lots of layers under my shirt!) 

Shirt: Sainsburys, Jumper: Lottie Loves in Looe, Leather Jacket: H&M (In Italy!), Hat: H&M, Jeans: also sainsburys, Chelsea Boots: They're actually my old riding boots! 

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