Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Countdown Day 2

I'm sticking to my word so far with my Christmas countdown in which I'm attempting to post everyday in the run up to Christmas!

Today's post is about something I cherish close to my heart.... BREAKFAST!  I almost always have porridge for breakfast which I'm sure a lot of people would find boring. However, today I am going to show you how to spice up your porridge with the warming flavours of Chai, perfect for keeping the cold wintery breezes away. If you've never had a Chai Latte (where have you been all your life? Go to Starbucks/ Costa immediately and go and buy one!) it basically consists of hot milk with lots of spices like cinnamon and cardamom to give you an amazing kick of loveliness!

To make this amazing yet healthy breakfast you will need:
180ml semi-skimmed milk
4 Tablespoons of Porridge Oats
4 Teaspoons of Chai Latte mix
1 Small saucepan
1 Banana (optional)

Firstly, scoop your 4 tablespoons of porridge oats into the saucepan

Measure out 180 ml of milk and pour this into the saucepan with the oats.

Next add 4 teaspoons of Chai Latte mix (available in most supermarkets)...

and put the ring on at a medium-high heat.

Stir well to combine all ingredients.

Lower the heat. 

Now you can put the lid of the saucepan on but remember to keep coming back to stir so that it doesn't burn! 

When the porridge is much thicker in consistency, you're finished!

To make the porridge extra delicious, I added chopped up banana and sprinkled some granola on top! Enjoy!


Lottie ;) x 

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