Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Countdown Day 5

NO! I missed a day on my blogging streak, but alas I will post twice today to make up for it and then hopefully I'll be back on track!

Today's post is all about gifts for the ladies, be it your best friend, mum, sister or auntie, these gifts would be suitable for anyone.

Sometimes, I really struggle thinking what to get someone when I know I've bought them clothes or beauty products almost every year, which can get a little boring. So for something slightly different, my first gift pick is a cushion from the luxury British store, Cath Kidston. For anyone that doesn't know, this shop creates high quality bags, clothes and home furnishings, designed with cute prints and beautiful patterns. Granted, the products are usually very expensive, but if you look hard enough, you're sure to find a bargain!

#1 London Cushion Cover- Cath Kidston
I love the cute typically British design of this cover which is perfect for adding a touch of fun and colour to any plain room. (Available in white or blue)

#2 Nutella Recipe Book-
Almost all of my friends LOVE Nutella, so I'm sure some of yours do to! This gift is great for anyone who loves baking or is just obsessed with the chocolatey spread. At £8.99 it may seem a little expensive for only 30 recipes but I've had a look elsewhere on line and you get it new for about £5 on Amazon!

#3 Red Polka Dot Little Book of Earrings- Amazon
Having seen this, I myself really want one of these earring holder books! If like me you have loads of earrings that are all sitting in a box getting jumbled up, this book is a perfect holder to keep each stud neatly arranged and visible, and it's compact size means its great for travelling too! (Comes in a variety of colours)

Hope this post was helpful for anyone having a present mind block!


Lottie :) x

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