Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer Wishlist

Summer seems to finally be creeping its way in from amongst the cloud and rain meaning I can finally dust off those sandles and get ready to skip in the sun! (yes I do still occasionally skip...)

Most recently I've been scouring the website of one of my favourite fashion retailers: who offer a wide range of styles with so much to offer meaning there's something for everyone! The prices are also fantastic, with students getting 10% off on everything when signed up to which also gives you exclusive discounts from Apple to Topshop.

Two of my favourites from boohoo include this beautiful short woven jacket in a selection of blues perfect for summer (but would also fit into any season of wardrobe), as well as this fitted playsuit which I think would work brilliantly teamed with brogues for a smart or casual occasion.
Now I realise that trainers aren't for everyone and on a hot sunny day they're not the first thing you have in mind to slip your feet into, but these Nike's are just amazing. With fabric designed by Liberty London, they add a girlish charm to the traditional basketball shoe and the subtle colourings mean they are wearable with a variety of clothing. One thing I don't understand about the Nike blazer shoes is the fact that they haven't covered the whole tongue and have left foam visible! At least on the Liberty London style they've only left the foam at the top visible!

Please feel free to leave my some comments as I'm always up for a chat! Also, I want to know what your favourite summer piece is and if anyone has the answer to the Nike foam question then please tell me!

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